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Buy bagged levelling compounds

For a thinner floor screed option, levelling compound can provide a layer between 1mm and 50mm thickness, dependant on your project requirements.

We supply a range of levelling compounds and can advise you on quantity and their correct usage.

Whether you are a large building firm, a project manager or a self-builder, we offer a range of floor screeding materials to suit your project and budget. Fast drying screeds, fast setting screeds, self-levelling screed & fibre reinforced screeds.

DCP Cemflow Base

Cemflow Base is designed as a pump applied levelling base screed for use under Cemflow Topping or resin based materials, where thicker applications are required when upgrading and renovating new and existing internal floor.


  • Deep Section: Thickness from 5 – 50mm in one application
  • Fast Drying Technology: Foot Traffic in 3 hours, Light Traffic in 1 day
  • Low Odour & Protein Free: Suitable for Use in Biologically Sensitive Areas

Application thickness: 5-50mm

Approximate coverage: 1.82kg/m2/mm

Pack size: 25kg

Levelling compound screed

Ronafix Pre-packed Screed 25mm+

Pre-packed levelling screed
Ronafix Pre-packed Screed 25mm+ is used to lay new screeds as thin as 25mm for light-duty bonded and 35mm unbonded or floating applications. Screed thickness should be increased for medium to heavy-duty use, Excellent adhesion can be achieved to suitably prepared surfaces and the screed is resistant to water, frost, and medium to heavy wear when covered with a floor finish.

Approximate coverage: 0.44m2 @ 25mm

Pack size: 25Kg

Floor screed materials


  • Curing Membranes
  • Adhesives
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Mixers
  • Tools
  • Test equipment
  • Perimeter Strip
  • Sealants
  • Vertical Control Joint
  • Reinforcement
  • Protection
  • Tapes

Underfloor Heating

  • Electric Underfloor Heating
  • Water Underfloor Heating
  • Insulation
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Acoustic Insulation
  • Perimeter Insulation
  • Tiling
  • Floor Tile Adhesives
  • Wall Tile Adhesives
  • Tile Grouts
  • Acoustic Solutions
  • Under Screed Acoustic Membranes
  • Over Screed Acoustic Membranes
  • Under Carpet Acoustic Membranes
  • General Purpose Acoustic Membranes
  • Acoustic Systems
  • Acoustic Accessories

Supply & install

The complete underfloor heating package

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Underfloor heating installation

Underfloor heating installation by our sister company Liberty Plumbing Solutions

Your local underfloor heating installers in Northamptonshire

We use both liquid screed and traditional screed with underfloor heating. Liquid screeds (aka free flowing screeds ) encase underfloor heating pipes, eliminating air bubbles, thus maximising thermal conductivity, creating a fantastic medium for absorbing and then radiating heat up into your room. Traditional sand & cement screeds are sometimes used where there is not sufficient access.

Underfloor heating, Floor screed & Gas boilers

We supply and install EVERYTHING required for underfloor heating installation. From DPM, Radon barrier, insulation and floor screed materials through to the gas boiler itself.


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Underfloor heating installation


Underfloor heating screed


Gas boiler installation

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Heat & Screed Store


Heat and Screed Store supply floor screed products and underfloor heating systems. Floor screeding materials, self-smoothing compounds, concrete additives, screed admixtures, DPM, insulation, primers, sealers, underfloor heating, boilers, mixers, dapple bars, epoxy resin coatings & repair mortars.

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